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How fast can Bobskis go?

We have not measured the fastest speed, they go very fast and this must not be underestimated. The Gadget Show measured 20.2mph over a short timed section from a standing start and the Bobski was still accelerating.  A specialist racing sledge managed 1mph faster in the same test and we think we could have gone faster.  The steeper the slope and the more compacted or icy the snow the faster the sledge will go.

How many people can fit on the Bobskis?

We have had 3 small people on the larger sledge, it was very cosy! It depends how big the people are. However, as a guide, the small sledge will take one person, the larger sledge can take two people.

Which size should I choose?

The large size is best suited to taller people, adults, and when you want to share. The small size is for smaller people. As a guide small adults can fit on the smaller size, but there is no disadvantage if you choose the larger size. The video shows the large size.

What makes the sledge steer?

Similar to Skeletons used on a bob-run some course correction or steering is done by touching the snow surface on the side you wish to turn (make sure you are wearing gloves). Click here to find out more. Shifting weight also helps. Lifting the nose by pulling tight on the rope helps a lot.  Users have had great fun racing to be the first through two cones placed about 6m apart low down a slope.  Speed and steering skills come into play to be the first through the cones.

How do you stop?

Beware, once you have built up momentum it can be very difficult to stop any sledge and icy conditions make slowing much harder. Touch the snow firmly with your gloved hands or arms and use your feet and legs to reduce speed. Steering will also help slow down, particularly if you do a side-skid. Get familiar with controlling the Bobskis lower down a quiet and safe slope.

What makes Bobskis so durable?

PolarPol™ used for the main body has impressive durability and impact performance at low temperatures. The material and the way it is moulded avoids localised stress-points that can become weak spots at low temperatures. Unlike many cheap sledges that you see cracked and broken Bobskis are tough and durable and designed to give you years of use, not just a couple of trips to the slopes.

Why is the material flexible?

There are many benefits for flexibility. By pulling back on the rope the Bobskis go faster, this also makes the sledge more sensitive to steering. Over time the shape will gain more bend making it more sensitive to steering, and faster. The flexibility also adapts to terrain better than rigid designs.

How can I get my Bobskis to go faster?

Have a look at the Speed section by clicking on the Using Bobskis in the Knowledge section.  Also, the condition of the snow determines the speed.  You will find that the first few runs down the slope will help make the Bobskis go faster and further. The shape and flatness of the unibody does this much quicker than traditional sledges. You can use snowboard waxes, or silicone grease for extra slip.

Why is the sledge low profile?

Because you are so low to the ground you get a great sensation of speed and you are at a low height if you want to roll off. The flat area between the runners also provides more support on softer snow, allowing sledging in conditions that toboggans with narrow runners struggle with.

How should I store my Bobskis?

To keep the optimum shape we recommend that Bobskis are stored away from sources of heat. Either lay flat or upright and avoid weight being applied that might distort the shape over time.

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