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Material:  PolarPol™ with excellent impact performance and flexibility at cold temperatures. Inhibitors added to reduce degradation by the sun’s UV light, similar to double glazing.

Process:  At the limits of what is possible, Polarpol™ is extruded so it doesn’t have the stress-points and distortion found in injection mouldings making it immensely rugged for extreme sports.

Shape:  Unique processes used to manipulate and reshape the moulding; a gentle bend along it’s length to help with speed and steering, a gentle concave leading cross-section to improve control, and overcoming ‘plastic memory’ to form the front curve.

Riding Position:  This is a versatile product allowing people to use their imagination. The fastest with greatest control is leaning back in the sitting position, or lying.  Being close to the ground you get a great sense of speed.

Steering:  Touch the snow on the side you wish to turn.  More sensitive when you pull back on the rope to lift the nose upwards. Shifting weight also helps to steer. The more compact the snow the more sensitive to steering.

Speed:  Bobskis are fast, which means Bobskis work on more gentle slopes where others sledges struggle. You don’t need much snow to go, just a light covering is enough. (We have also had reports that Bobskis work on heavy frost.) Pulling the nose up gives you more speed, and more sensitive to steering. Adding Ski and Snowboard wax will make it even faster.

Comfort:  The flexible moulding adapts to the terrain providing a more comfortable run than rigid structures. The rope is thick, soft and comfortable for better grip and control in the cold. The foam seats also give you noticeably warm insulation against the cold!

Safety:  Designed in from the outset; soft silicone leading edge, rounded corners and edges, soft thick rope, low riding position, and a lightweight moulding that doesn’t fracture (so no sharp shards of plastic).

Skill:  Beginners will quickly learn how to use Bobskis. Like skateboards, using your weight, balance and body position unlocks more potential. Develop your technique for more extreme fun.


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