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Bobskis may go faster and travel further than other sledges

Winter sports and sledging in the snow are fun, but you should always be aware of safety.  The Bobskis sledge must be used with caution, since it requires skill, to avoid falls or collisions.  Please behave responsibly and thoughtfully to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others. Always supervise children.

  1. Wear a helmet and appropriate protective clothing


  3. Teach children about safety

  4. Never put the rope around the neck or any part of the body

  5. Find a quiet safe area

  6. Start lower-down a slope to learn about speed and control

  7. Make sure you can see where you are going

  8. Remember, you may overrun the bottom of the slope

  9. Look out for people ahead of you.  Do not set off unless your way is clear

  10. Be aware of others coming down the slope

  11. Do not stand at the bottom of the slope, the fastest point is often at the bottom.

  12. Keep well away from all hazards such as wire fences, walls, posts, ditches, banks, roads, steep drops, rivers, lakes, trees, etc

Disclaimer:  This is not an exhaustive list of safety considerations.  We are not responsible for how products may be used, the ability of the person using them, or the suitability of the conditions and locality where they are used.


Safety Information

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