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Feet Position

Engage your feet with the rope as shown - heels inward and toes pointing outward - and pull back tight on the rope

Using Bobskis

Bobskis Sledge feet position

Steering - Use Gloves!

Steering Bobskis sledges requires some skill but can be soon mastered.  Touch the snow on the side you wish to turn, as shown. At speed course correction is more effective if you pull back on the rope to lift the nose upwards. You can see this in action by clicking on the video link above. Shifting weight also helps to steer.

Steering Bobski sledges
Bobski Sledge Speed


How fast you go depends on the type of snow and how steep the slope is. Pull back on the rope to make the sledge go faster.

Over time pulling the rope will produce a natural bend in Bobskis. This bend makes the Bobskis more sensitive to steering.


You can use Bobskis in many ways, and that is part of the fun. The ‘feet first’ position provides the greatest control over speed and direction. However you choose to use Bobskis please remember to use them responsibly and with caution.

Bobski Sledge Positions

TIP - Slope Preparation

Using the Bobskis on a fresh slope will prepare and compact the snow, making subsequent runs faster and further