Bobskis 2013 -Seat Fixing Kit


A retro-fit kit is available direct from Bobskis.  The kit will include a spare fixing in case you make a mistake. This costs £5 including delivery by First Class post. Please see fixing details before ordering.

If you prefer, you may bring the Bobskis to us in Stone, Staffordshire for fitting will fit the kit for you while you wait.  To arrange this please contact us by email.

Please note this fitting is not suitable for children and must be carried out by an appropriate adult as it requires a gas flame to prepare the area for the self-adhesive fixing.  Whilst the preparation is simple it is important that the instructions are followed correctly otherwise the fastening will not stick to the Bobski material.

After watching the video, you will need:

  1. 1.The seat fixing kit from Bobskis (please note we cannot be sure that the adhesive of other hook and loop fasteners is suitable)

  2. 2.A cloth to pre-clean and dust the area.

  3. 3.A gas flame - such as a blowtorch, crème brûlée torch, path-weeder.  A gas cooker flame can be used with care. Electric heat guns are not suitable.

If you have any questions at all please email

For fitting to pre-2013 Bobskis