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PRODUCTS - two sizes

Small BOBSKI - Great for kids and small adults

Large BOBSKI - Great for Larger adults and sharing 


Wide Seat - Ideal for wider bottoms and comfort lovers.  Provides extra padding and extra warmth.


Unique design - British design and made in the UK

Design protection in multiple countries


Shatterproof board

Soft leading edge (silicone rubber)

Rounded corners

Thick and soft rope


All components designed by Bobskis

Robust construction and material

Technically challenging moulding process; at the limits of what is possible to profile in Polarpol™

Polarpol™ is based on virgin HDPE with exceptional impact performance at low temperatures

Extruded profile eliminates weak stress points found on injection mouldings

Long life Polarpol™ performance with UV5 protection, the highest protection against degradation by sunlight

Even the labels are hi-tech, same as used on North Sea oil drums


Point of Sale

Each item packed in clear polythene bag

Sticker applied to each polythene bag with barcode and description

Additional POS material on request


Each box holds 10 x Bobskis with standard seats

535 x 1200 x 275mm

Single ply card with PVC tape

2 x Bar Code labels

(Wide seats packaging on request)


1200 x 1200 = 100 Bobskis

1200 x 1000 = 90 Bobskis

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