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Hardnutz website

Launched October 2010, another British company HardnutZ has created a brand of ski and snowboard helmets and goggles designed to brighten up the slopes with vibrant, funky and fun imagery. They have loads of different design for all ages. All HardnutZ helmets and goggles and have been tested and certified to the latest European standards.


Links to other related sites we think you might like

uksnow Map on Bobskis

#uksnow Map website

Fancy Sledging? This is a great real-time Twitter-driven application called UKsnow Map that visually maps tweets of snow. During recent snowfalls we found this to be better and more reliable than watching weather forecasts. The more people that use it, the more detailed the information. Particularly useful for knowing what the snow might be when travelling with your Bobskis.

Fosi Originals on Bobskis

Fosi Originals Website

This beautifully simple idea from British company Fosis makes a fashion statement for safety gear. The Fosi is a simple attachment that fits around almost any helmet; one size fits all. It doesn't cover the whole helmet so the vents are clear and there is no adverse affect on the safety or functionality. It comes in a growing variety of materials and colours and has a non-slip lining and two simple fixing points to ensure it stays in place whatever the weather.

Snow Scene on
Bobskis snowy sun
Hardnutz on Bobskis

Ski-Walker website

Great for snow-sports enthusiasts, the ‘Ski-Walker’, keeps skis away from heads and (other peoples) faces, and sharp edges, brakes and bindings are kept off expensive ski jackets and clothes. Skis are carried in the best possible position should one slip or fall.  Most importantly, using a ‘Ski-Walker’ lowers ones centre of gravity – really useful when walking on snow and ice!  This British product is sold throughout the world.

Ski-Walker on Bobskis

Zaini website

The idea of Zaini started in 2010 in a ski resort in Switzerland, when Scottish ski instructor Miranda Harper started hand crocheting hats for friends. Since then Zaini has grown to become an established brand which sells and distributes hand made products throughout the world.

Zaini Hats on

Board-Walker website

The ‘all-in-one’ Snowboard Leash, Lead and Snowboard Carrier is a snowboard strap that attaches to the snowboard by means of ‘click-on’ buckles. The strap wraps around the leg to become a snowboard leash, unbuckles to become a snowboard lead with a loop handle, and finally, buckles to the back binding to become a shoulder strap. We think this British product might be a good leash for Bobskis too.

Board Walker on Bobskis Sledges

QR Reader for iPhone

In case you aren’t familiar with the tech, a QR code is a type of barcode which is square and is made up of a complicated pattern of black and white dots. You can find them in magazines, on business cards, and even on Posters. We are starting to use QR code so that you can grab information, use it and pass it on.  When read with a camera-phone using the right software, the code magically becomes a web address, contact information, special offers, and much more. Apps like these are available free. We like this particular one for iPhone because it is quick.

QR App on Bobskis Sledges

Example QR Code Bobskis Prices

Bobskis Sledges QR code - prices Jan 2012